Totem Acoustic

Created in 1987 and celebrating our 30th anniversary, Totem’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of producing an involving performance that is true to the artist’s intention. Our goal is to provide designs that are affordable, cosmetically timeless, and invoke an emotional response. Music, movies, TV, and video games are accurately rendered with a powerful focus that is yet soul stirring. Discover yours today

All Totem speakers are developed with these 4 following design characteristics:
1-Totem’s unique scientific formulas which are the foundation for all the magic, eschewing the outdated albeit revered Thiele Small Parameters.
2-Customized drivers, nothing off the shelf and those purchased from driver designers are created to Totem’s specs.
3-Hand made crossovers composed of the most exotic components on an MDF board and featuring predominantly mechanically crimped connections.
4-Artisinal cabinet construction, including lock mitred assembly, interior and external veneers, Borosilicate in some cases, and graded MDF.

These 4 design characteristics produce the 3 following sonic signatures:
1-Three dimensional, holographic imaging and expansive soundstage.
2-Forceful bass impact that is logic defying considering the conveniently sized enclosure.
3-Most importantly, the linear phase response for uncanny, almost magical realism.


Tribe Tower

Conventional wisdom tells us beauty and power are doomed to mutual exclusivity. But Totem Acoustic does not make conventional speakers, nor follow pre-existing beliefs. The Tribe Tower disproves these old adages, presenting a slim, seductive form that belies its formidable, compelling ability. The Tribe Tower represents the culmination of knowledge acquired through the research and development of the award-winning Tribe and Element series.

Tribe Tower’s remarkable performance can be attributed to artisanal craftsmanship and multitudes of extraordinary engineering features, but most notably to the proprietary Torrent woofers. They’re machined with a watchmaker’s perfectionism from exotic alloys and individually magnetized to exacting parameters. Fully charged, they’re strong enough to lift most sportscars and represent the perfect combination of power and precision.

Satin Black and White finishes are equipped with twin pairs of gold plated terminals while premium Dusk and Ice multi coat polyester paint finishes have Bi-Wireable WBT 4 way connectors and annealed aluminum terminal plates.


Tribe III Design

Tribe III is a dynamic on wall speaker that gracefully straddles the thin line between custom integration and audiophile performance. Equipped with the revolutionary Torrent drivers that while known for their powerful bass, also extend so high and maintain a strong, flat response, it remarkably requires absolutely no crossover. Only the tweeter requires the simplest of crossover components to protect it from the low frequencies. This allows a perfect phase response for the most natural sound and room filling dispersion that makes very location the best seat in the house.

Tribe III’s shallowness and beautiful finish make it ideal to be wall mounted either next to a TV from 55” to 73”, or a piece of art and take up no floor space at all. The wall bracket is included to facilitate this option. However, for those that want it on the floor to be more closely visually appreciated, the Tribe Stand will hold it firmly and allow it to be more intimately displayed.


Sky Tower 
The Sky Tower shares the same DNA that made Sky monitor such a success, like gigantic imaging, phase coherence, authoritative bass, and amplifier friendly compatibility. Remarkably, it does it all on a larger scale and with even more impact.
A customized 5.75” woofer designed for the larger enclosure gives Sky Tower the ability to descend all the way down to 36Hz. The world’s only 1.3” soft dome tweeter capable of extending to 30kHz also extends low enough to contribute to the midrange band for an enchanted charm to the most critical range.

In addition to Totem’s characteristic artisanal cabinet construction, customized drivers, handmade crossovers, and proprietary scientific formulas, the Sky Tower is mass loadable to effectively modify its interaction with room acoustics without physically changing its placement. A new high density composite Claw controls resonance, tighten bass, and heightens the soundstage. Any media at any volume is presented effortlessly with smooth detail. After all, it’s a Sky. Available in satin white or black ash and mahogany veneers.


Rainmaker is aimed at the discriminating listener, audiophile, and mini monitor enthusiast. It’s the epitome of the classic performance monitor with startlingly deep bass, enormous imaging, and vibrant, dynamic performance from a conveniently sized speaker. Incredibly refined and breathtaking when its appropriately driven, Rainmaker is capable of incredible detail, micro resolution, and authoritative bass when fine electronics are used to power it’s 4 Ohm load.

Rainmaker will produce extremely enjoyable results no matter what kind of recordings you have in your collection, whether played on a turntable or streamed with a good DAC. They communicate the basic structure of music, make listening fun, and can fill a good-sized room efficiently. While attractive and possessing a timeless design that can easily be chosen as the focus of a room, they can also easily blend into any décor, whether in a bookshelf or on a pair of suitable stands. Available in black ash, mahogany, and cherry veneer or satin white.


Kin Mini Bookshelf

Kin Mini brings Totem sound to a new generation and the widest demographic ever targeted. It is the most affordable, adaptable, and easy to integrate speaker in the Totem arsenal.

Designed for versatility, Kin Mini can be connected to mid-fi electronics or superior amplification. Their phase linearity and enormous soundstage allow them to be placed anywhere, in any position, at any height or location, even hidden in a recess area, and excel. Kin Mini doesn’t “beam” like other speakers, it thoroughly projects sound widely and with surprising height for an immersive musical experience.

It might be small but its potent. A custom designed 4″ Phenolic Honeycomb woofer delivers powerful bass and is mated to a .75” soft dome tweeter for uncanny highs, and the overall system handles 110 watts. Vastly acoustically superior alternative to traditional sound bars or desk top systems while still maintaining a low profile. When paired with the equally unobtrusive yet deceptively powerful Kin Mini subwoofer, the enormity of the sound defies logic. Self-adhesive feet included and a ¼”, 20-thread insert ensure it can be placed anywhere while maintaining steady performance. Available in black and white satin finishes.