Personal Audio

Immersive experience, wherever you are.

We live in an incredible time, where technology has allowed us to condense the big, open sound previously found only in dedicated two-channel listening rooms down to the perfect fit for your ears only. There are a multitude of options to enhance your listening experience on the go, including high performance headphones, portable players and DACs, and all the accessories you can dream of to customize them. Stop into Century Stereo for a customized listening experience that will transport you to the recording studio from anywhere in the world.

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What makes a pair of headphones great? It all depends on your listening preferences. Some music lovers prefer cushy over-ear “cans” that isolate sound, while others prefer low-profile in-ear monitors, or even wireless, waterproof headphones that move with them. Many higher end headphone models are fully customizable as well, with everything from custom headbands to 10-foot cables to custom-molded in-ear pieces. One thing is for sure, though – as with high performance speakers, your headphones are only as good as the source files, CDs, or LPs you’re playing from.

Digital Media Players

Take your high res collection with you in the car, on the airplane, at work, or even just for private moment of bliss in your own home. Portable players are great not only for your listening on the go, but can of course be used as a source for more permanent in-home setups. You owe it to yourself to indulge in a superior, uncompressed listening experience.

Portable DACs

Not all DACs are created equal. While most equipment you hear sound from every day (your TV, phone, computer, or even your amplifier) likely has a Digital-to-Analog Converter built in, inferior ones can create unwanted noise during playback that effectively bring down listening experience. DACs bring it all back together by taking over digital timing and making your audio sound more detailed, richer, and fuller overall.