Focal at Century Stereo

Focal is a world leader in the manufacture of high-fidelity audio solutions. Its “Made in France” prowess has been recognized for over 35 years. Focal in San Jose, CA at our showroom is an audio experience like no other – give these speakers a listen and hear for yourself.

Focal covers a wide range of products, however, at Century Stereo there is a focus on their gorgeous high performance speakers, home theater, pro audio, and personal audio solutions.

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High Fidelity Speakers

Hear your favorite music like never before. With Focal’s speakers as part of your two-channel audio setup, you’ll finally be able to discover the true harmonic richness of your favorite music. Whether you go for a pair of the outstanding floorstanding speakers or the compact bookshelf size, you’ll be in symphonic heaven.

NEW! Kanta

Uncompromising design totally focused on acoustic performance. Sophisticated finishes. Incredible style and sound. Focal’s new three-way floorstanding speaker has new materials, new technology and a show-stopping look. Enjoy precise, detailed sound brimming with warmth and musicality with Kanta.

Home Theater

Give your home cinema the punch it needs to bring out the full experience. Focal’s range of surround speakers, center channels, and subwoofers bring movies’ audio back to the forefront of the story without distortion or exaggeration. With great introductory packages, any TV or movie enthusiast can quickly improve their home entertainment setup thanks to Focal.

Pair Focal Home Theater with a 4K TV or projector and get ready to dive right into movie night!

Powered Speakers

Focal’s commitment to music also includes solutions for those who create it. Nearfield monitoring solutions can be utilized for making music in a studio, as a desktop solution at work, or for other small listening rooms.

Designed from the very beginning to reproduce sound signal without any alteration, Focal pro audio monitors are a must-have for serious listeners and creators. High definition and true sound reproduction are what make these speakers an invaluable tool.

Audiophile Headphones

Century Stereo also carries Focal’s much-coveted line of headphones, including Focal Utopia and Elear. Personal audio enthusiasts worldwide acclaim Focal’s headphones both for their quality construction and incredible sound. With features like carbon fiber construction, lambskin ear covers, and unparalleled playback, these cans will change the way you experience your music.

Demo Focal headphones in our Digital Playground personal audio section. Pair them with your favorite high resolution portable listening device and enjoy your own private concert no matter where you are.

Demo Focal in San Jose, CA

Focal speakers and headphones boast a large soundstage, 3D depth, and microdetails during playback. Once you experience Focal in the Century Stereo showroom, you’ll understand why they are such a hit with audiences all over the world.

Stop into Century Stereo to listen to a variety of Focal’s speakers and headphones. Your ears will thank you!