Outdoor Music and Theaters

PoolTV_Patio_3Backyard entertaining is always better with equipment made specifically for the great outdoors.

Watching the Game Outside

It’s important to use outdoor TVs in your backyard in lieu of cheaper indoor options not only because you’ll get a higher quality product that lasts and provides a better viewing experience, but also for purposes of safety. Indoor TVs pose a risk of electric shock when used outdoors, plus a host of other issues. Protect yourself and your family by using the right equipment for your backyard.

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Outdoor TVs can be mounted just about anywhere, but some ideas include cabanas, patios, outdoor barbecues/kitchens, and over outdoor fireplaces.

Some of our favorite brands for outdoor televisions include SunBrite TV and Seura. SunBrite TV is on display at the Century Stereo showroom — stop by to check it out and discuss options with your systems consultant.

Music Throughout the House and Backyard


Distributed audio is extremely popular and the majority of our clients have at least one room of music in addition to their home theater system. The backyard is an excellent choice for additional music distribution throughout your property.

A variety of weather resistant speakers allow you to choose the application and the level of performance desired, just like in your home. Consider having speakers that go under eaves, and even landscape speakers concealed as rocks, planters and landscape lighting.

For outdoor audio, we highly recommend NEARRockustics, SonanceSpeakercraft, and Paradigm. Century Stereo currently has NEAR, Rockustics, Speakercraft, and Paradigm on display.