Custom Home Theater

Century Stereo specializes in home theater experiences customized to fit your budget, space and tastes.

Custom Home Theater Rooms

Feel like staying in tonight? A dedicated home theater will bring the experience of an actual theater into your home for your whole family to enjoy without any of the hassle. You set the movie times. Pause when you want to and say good-bye to cell phones, candy wrappers and interruptions from other audience members.

Home theater rooms can vary in scope from ground-up room remodels with custom furniture, cabinetry and design to less-ornate rooms that match your existing decor – any theater can be custom designed to your specifications and room size requirements.


Family Room Entertainment Systems

Let’s face it, not everyone has or wants to dedicate an entire room for a custom home theater, so the family room is still where most families still watch TV and movies together. Century Stereo specializes in working with you or your designer to create immersive, yet tasteful home entertainment rooms that match your lifestyle and budget.

There are many family room options including wall mounts, custom cabinets, motorized cabinets and display screens to name a few, so if you’re considering a home entertainment system in your family room, enlist the help of one of our consultants to design it. We’ll find the perfect combination of components and speakers that will optimally perform in your space while fitting your budget and aesthetic requirements.

Experience Breathtaking Sound with Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos Home TheaterDolby Digital, well known for its advancements in cinema sound, just released what is perhaps the most cutting-edge sound technology we have seen in the last decade. Introducing Dolby Atmos for home theater, the sonic experience that gives you true 3D cinema sound. Read more about Dolby Atmos here and come into Century Stereo to give it a listen.


Whether you’re into a dedicated home theater or a more dynamic home entertainment room, Century Stereo has the equipment and the professional advice you need to get the ball rolling. Give us a call or click the button below to send us a message. 

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