Home Networking and Wireless

Stable, dependable home networking for your connected life

These days, most people in the Silicon Valley (and beyond) are always “on” – whether we’re Facebooking a picture of our dinner or using our home office to join a video conference, having a solid, secure network at home is of growing importance. Anyone who has experienced an outage or spotty coverage knows how frustrating it can be to suddenly be without internet when you expect it to perform.

Century Stereo offers home networking services for our clients who want to extend their existing wireless network or create a new one. Add more wireless access points, upgrade to an enterprise grade router (recommended for large homes with complex networks), and add switches to your home network.

For more complicated network setups, Century Stereo has several trusted industry partners to work with who will help set up a system that meets your needs. Please note that Century Stereo does not manage networks; our services for home internet encompass set up and extension of home internet systems.

Want to upgrade or setup your home’s internet network? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and set up a free consultation to learn about the right network setup for your home.

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