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Bring your Home a New Level of Elegance and Efficiency with Home Automation

 The wide world of home automation can be difficult to navigate.
We’re here to help make sense of it all.

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Convenient, Centralized Control with iPad, iPhone or In-Wall Panels

Imagine picking up your iPad or walking over to a sleek in-wall touchscreen to access and control your home entertainment system, climate, lighting, shades and security. Home automation brings all these systems together adds a new level of efficiency and elegance to your home while simplifying it all for you convenience and peace of mind. The possibilities are endless and a true smart home is completely customizable according to your needs and lifestyle.

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Go Green and Save Energy with Precise Lighting, Motorized Shades and Climate Controls

One of the major benefits from home automation is the ability to program your environment. From presets on lighting zones to controlling physical light with motorized shades and integrating your climate system preferences, the combinations of scenes you can create in your home, whether you’re there or away, are innumerate.

    • Dimmers allow you to set lighting levels and increase the life of the bulbs
    • Motion sensors turn lights on automatically as you enter a room and off when the room has been vacant for a predetermined amount of time
    • Photo-optic sensors adjust lighting level in accordance with natural light levels
    • Motorized shades automatically shield rooms from heat, air conditioning usage
    • HVAC scheduling keeps your home at preferred temperatures and reduces power consumption dramatically

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Control Music and Movies for the Whole House

Whether you’re throwing a party or relaxing by the pool, how cool is it to have access to your entire music collection plus streaming services like Spotify or Pandora instantly? Create a “party mode” where you choose the room to have music in and at what level, group them together or play something different in another zone.

Access your movie collection from your Kaleidescape movie server, stream from Netflix or buy it on Amazon and then play it anywhere in the house. With all of the services available today, there’s no need to look through your DVD rack or run out to rent something.

We didn’t forget about TV. All your shows, news and the big game accessed instantly and available to watch anywhere in the house or outside (check out our section on outdoor entertainment).

Monitor and Control Your Home Remotely

Your home automation system can be securely accessed remotely through a web portal or mobile app. Once inside the portal or application, you can monitor all functions of your home including security cameras and instantly make changes. This is wonderful when you’re at work or on vacation because you’ll never have to worry about what’s going on at your house or if you question whether you remembered to turn off lights or arm the security system. Peace of mind is just a tap away.