Gaming Systems

Gaming Systems for the Young and Just Young at Heart.

Big Screen and 3D Gaming Systems

Today’s gaming consoles are more interactive than ever- Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect utilizes facial and spatial recognition technologies to deliver a controller-less gaming experience that has you up and moving learning new dance moves or challenging a friend to a race.  Sony’s Playstation 3 delivers 1080p video resolution and 3D gaming delivering a visually stunning experience that pulls you into the game.

When you combine the leading gaming systems with audio and video technologies such as 3D HDTV, Motion Control furniture, pulsing audio and large screens sizes the level of immersion achieved is simply amazing.  You can’t get much closer to real life than driving a Lamborghini Diablo GTR in Forza Motorsport a nearly 200 mph in 3D with a 10 foot screen in front of your and a DBox Motion Code chair below!

3D Race Cars on the Big Screen with Motion Chairs

Integrated into Media Systems

Xbox and Playstation Gaming consoles are simply another source in your entertainment system- when Century Stereo does the installation that means it’s accessible from your universal remote, has hidden wiring and can have integrated sensor bar (Kinect) and ethernet connectivity for streaming and community gaming on the web.

So if you’ve recently purchased a new gaming console and want to have it integrated into your existing home entertainment system, just give us a call to schedule it.