Century Stereo Custom Solutions

Custom solutions and engineered environments make your space shine.

Custom Home Theater

Viewing perfection, masterfully integrated to match the style of your home or office. Learn More

Home Theater

Performance Audio

Faithfully reproduced analog and digital listening experiences for true audiophile. Learn More.

Performance Audio

Audio & Video Streaming

Fill every room with personalized play lists, high quality music and streaming video.  Learn More.

Digital Audio Streaming

Home Control

One simple-to-use smart interface to manage music, video, lighting, security and climate.  Learn More.

Home Control

Home Networking

Set up or extend your home’s internet with solid, reliable connection. Learn More.

Outdoor Entertainment

Backyard perfection with all-weather speakers, HDTV and landscape lighting control.  Learn More.

Outdoor Entertainment


Lighting and Shading Solutions

Upgrade to LEDs and motorized shades to set the perfect mood for your environment. Learn More.