Burmester Audiosysteme

Since 1977, Burmester Audiosysteme has been manufacturing high-end audio components of unsurpassed quality. From the very beginning the objective has been to create a perfect blend of highest-quality sound, technological innovation and timeless design.

Perhaps you’ve come to know the name Burmester through its highly praised luxury automotive sound systems. A partnership with Bugatti marked the start of Burmester’s involvement in this industry. It was a match made in heaven, an exclusive audio brand with a legendary sports car. In 2009 the newly released Porsche Panamera (seen below) boasted a Burmester system. Now Burmester has grown to be the premium option on all current model Porsche cars. In 2014 Mercedes joined the family with the launch of the new S-Class. Their release of the worlds first 3D surround sound in the sedan revolutionized the space of car audio. Now Mercedes is adding Burmester as an option or standard in future models including the highly anticipated new AMG GT-S.


However you’ve come to the Burmester brand, we’d love to show you what it can achieve in your home – email us to arrange a demonstration.

We offer 3 complete product lines, and a line that includes all components for a Home Theatre set up. Components can move around from line to line, and be custom finished upon your unique request. The following is a brief overview of what we offer.

Burmester Reference Line

Burmester’s Reference Line asserts the claim to set the benchmark worldwide in the fields of sound quality, innovations and manufacturing quality. The aim is to demonstrate state of the art whatever the effort, or the required use of materials may be. Several expert magazines have predefined the series name: Reference – because all pieces from this product line have been awarded with various reference titles from the international press.

Burmester Top line

Burmester’s Top Line is characterized by the high amount of technological acquisitions from the Reference Line, in combination with a consolidated construction.

Burmester Classic Line

The Classic Line concentrates on the bare essentials, while uncompromising highest quality sound and design standards. Its individual components profit from developments out of the Reference or Top Line. Technologies, which have been generated for these high-class product lines are deployed in a compressed form for the Classic Line components.

Burmester Home Theatre Line

The Home Theatre Line includes all components necessary for a Home Theatre set up: Multichannel amplifiers, Surround Processors, DVD players, Subwoofers, and Center speakers. Home Theatre components can also be combined and fitted with components from other Burmester Product Lines.