Reference, Home Theater, In-Wall Speakers

Just like people and houses, speakers come in all shapes and sizes meaning there is a speaker for every application and level of performance.

Focal’s offering runs the gamut from car audio to multimedia, however, at Century Stereo there is a focus on the French audio company’s gorgeous high performance speakers, multimedia and wireless solutions. Increasingly known for its top-of-the-line Utopia speakers, Focal speakers boast a large soundstage, 3D depth, and microdetails during playback. Once you experience Focal in the Century Stereo showroom, you’ll understand why they are such a hit with audiences nationwide.

sonus-faberHandcrafted in Italy, Sonus faber represents some of the finest speakers around, both aesthetically and sonically. These reference speakers are part of the larger McIntosh Group family that brings you brands like McIntosh, Sumiko, and Pro-Ject. Ranging from the introductory Chameleon series to the flagship Elipsa, Century Stereo displays a wide range of Sonus faber speakers.


Created by industry icon Sandy Gross, founder of Definitive Technology and Polk Audio, GoldenEar loudspeakers are the culmination of years of experience striving to achieve sonic perfection in a speaker. Century Stereo is a charter dealer and displays many models from GoldenEar Technology including their flagship speaker, the Triton One.


These innovative loudspeaker systems take control of your emotions and never let go. For 60 years, JBL, Inc., has been the leading manufacturer of professional loudspeakers for recording artists and touring musicians, and, in a close collaboration with Lucasfilm® engineers, developed the underlying THX technologies, which set a new standard of realism in movie sound. Check out JBL Synthesis in Century Cinema, our luxurious dedicated theater.

JL Audio Logo

JL Audio are the makers of the arguably the finest subwoofers around. Their award-winning line of sub woofers are made in the USA. This privately held company based in Florida has facilities in Florida and Arizona. Century Stereo proudly displays several JL Audio subwoofers for demonstration that will knock your socks off.

Leon Logo

The Leon Speakers Corporation is a worldwide leader in high-performance, audiophile-grade in-wall loudspeakers and custom builds home theater speakers to match the exact dimensions and finish of your on-wall Plasma TV, LCD or DLP.  Leon meticulously handcrafts a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions, seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into luxury living spaces.

Paradigm Logo

For 25 years, Paradigm has been designing and manufacturing it’s loudspeakers in Canada alongside their sister electronics company, Anthem. Paradigm’s commitment to performance and value means loudspeakers that consistently rival speakers often twice their price. Paradigm offers a full line of speakers including architectural and all-weather speakers.

Totem Acoustic logo

Founded over 20 years ago by Vince Bruzzese, this Canadian loudspeaker company has remained true to its original vision, creating speakers that defy the norm. Each speaker is meticulously crafted with the finest parts, using machined drivers and furniture grade cabinets, ensuring the highest quality finished product that lasts.

Beyond creating a high quality product, Totem has an eye for aesthetics, meaning you can purchase a high performance subwoofer that can slide under a couch, mounted to the wall or on display for all to admire.

Other Speaker Brands

Century Stereo also carries Artison, James Loudspeaker, Speakercraft and Triad, ensuring we have the right speaker for every application.