Century Stereo is excited to announce that hifi audio company Thorens has been added to our lineup of fine audio equipment. Stop into the Century Stereo showroom for a demo of our newest addition. We have two models on display – Thorens TD 240-2 and Thorens TD 206. These gorgeous turntables are ready to play!


Since 1883, Thorens is the oldest HiFi company in the world still in production today, producing some of the world’s highest quality and most critically acclaimed automatic and semi-automatic turntables. The company is Swiss owned, and each turntable is made with precision and care in Germany.


Thorens has become a legend in the turntable market, with their vintage models still widely sought after. Today, Thorens continues to replicate that quality with the idea that every turntable produced will last decades and be sought after by the audiophile community for decades to come. Despite its reputation for high quality products, Thorens turntables are remarkably user-friendly.


Visit the Century Stereo showroom today to give these turntables a spin!

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