Upgrade Your Yard with Dedicated Outdoor TVs, Speakers, and Subs

Summer is in full swing! This is the time for embracing the great outdoors by soaking up the warm rays, splashing in the pool, and enjoying a barbecue with the family. When it comes to entertaining, your backyard should be a place for both relaxation and fun. Nothing quite sets the mood like your favorite movie or show being piped through your backyard.

There are many ways to deck your patio and garden out with AV, and it’s a bonus when it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Check out a few of these smart solutions.


Buried Speakers

No outdoor system is complete without clean, full-bodied frequencies delivered to you through quality speakers and subwoofers. For your outdoor entertainment center, the most low-profile solution is an underground subwoofer which blends in perfectly with existing landscaping. We offer NEAR in-ground speakers which combine commercial durability with refined audio performance. These audiophile-grade speakers utilize advanced technologies and omnidirectional dispersion so everyone will enjoy life-like sound quality.

Rock Speakers

A great way to enjoy hi-fidelity sound outdoors is with rock speakers. These speakers provide quality sound while cleverly camouflaging right into your garden or landscape. We offer speakers from the best brands in the business, including Paradigm and Rockustics. These rock speakers are thoughtfully designed with perfectly angled tweeters and twin voice coil drivers to create the clearest, smoothest sound. They are also fully weatherproof to withstand the worst of outdoor weather so your investment is always protected.

Light Lamps

Now you can enjoy even and balanced hi-quality sound disguised as a lighting system with award-winning Sonance Landscape Series. These hidden, all-weather speakers deliver the best-in-class performance that are aesthetically pleasing and seamless in every outdoor environment. Your guests will be blown away with the perfectly even volume coverage and unbelievable sound quality brought to you by the undisputed leader in high fidelity sound.

Outdoor Theater

Enjoying the outdoors shouldn’t equate to missing the big game or the latest Disney movie. In fact, outdoor entertainment is all about having a big screen accessible for movie night and the like.

There are a few major differences between outdoor TVs and their indoor counterparts. Not only do outdoor TVs provide an overall better viewing experience with brighter panels which can fight off glare, they’re also safe for outdoor use. Indoor TVs pose a risk for electric shocks when used outside, especially if they’re mounted near a pool. However, outdoor TVs like Seura or Sunbrite are designed specifically to withstand weather, dissipate heat, and other outside issues that occur. It’s also best to ensure your outdoor screen is installed by a professional.



Come in today to listen to our complete selection of outdoor speakers and televisions. Century Stereo’s seasoned professionals can also help you design, plan, and install your backyard’s entertainment system. We bring your vision to life by working with you to create a solution that fits your lifestyle.

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