Man Cave Essentials

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re the dad who needs treating, or your own Pops needs some extra spoiling, why create a man cave? The true purpose of a man cave is to provide a man with a place he can call his own and be himself without disrupting the home life. While it may not look like a spa, a man cave is a place for a man to find peace, unwind, and recharge his batteries after a long day of work. He can enjoy his favorite leisure activities, from watching TV and playing video games to hosting weekly poker nights or watching the big game with his buddies. A man cave isn’t just for men – it’s a fun place for everyone to be – but we won’t tell if you leave the “Dudes Only” sign up on the door!

If you’ve been granted a space in the house to do with as you want, it’s time to starting setting up your own man cave. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an office, basement, or shed, these man cave essentials will quickly turn any space into your dream man cave. 


It’s practically a cardinal rule – every man cave needs a big screen TV. A big panel lets you really get into the big game, become a character in your favorite video game, or set up the ultimate home theater. However, if you have limited space, having to sit closer to a Full HD will make your picture look pixelated. The good news is with a 4K TV you can get even closer to the action if you want to. Sony’s 4K TV has more pixels enhanced processing to deliver intense detail and stunning picture quality, no matter how close you sit to it. Add a soundbar, stereo, or surround sound, and you have a theater-like system worth the envy of your friends.

Century Stereo has several 4K TVs on display for you to visualize in your man cave, plus everything you need for audio, whether you are on a budget or spoiling yourself with the full treatment.

Wireless Connectivity
If your TV doesn’t already have one built-in, be sure to include a streaming device to connect your streaming entertainment media. Instantly stream your favorite music, 4K videos, and app games without cluttering the place up with wires. It’ll also make it easier for your buddy to show you that hilarious YouTube fail he’s been talking about all week.

Our team does do networking, so we can help you expand your home’s WiFi network to ensure that you have a lightning fast connection in that man cave.

Comfortable Seating
Sometimes furniture gets overlooked but this will really set the level of relaxation you will experience in your man cave. It doesn’t make much sense to invest big in your TV and surround sound and then expect an old, musty sofa to be sufficient for Super Bowl Sunday. After all, the man cave is a place for chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, so it’s vital to provide some comfortable seats. Recliners with cup holders, overstuffed sofas, or lounge chairs, whatever you purchase, just make sure comfort is your priority.

Century Stereo offers a variety of AV furniture, from pre-configured sets to fully customized seating. Stop by to see what we have, and even check out our sale on Salamander AV Basics we’re promoting now.


A man cave should be a fun place you and your friends actually want to spend time in. What’s more fun than a little friendly competition? Whether you show off your skills with darts, bluff a hand at poker, or hustle your friends at pool, be sure to include some form of games in your man cave.

While we don’t really have any games to provide you with at Century Stereo… we can certainly help you break in that pool table!

You know what’s not cool? Having to climb a flight of stairs, walk across the lawn, or interrupt your wife’s book club by having to travel away from the man cave for a cold one.  Instead, keep drinks cool and easily accessible with a mini- or full-size refrigerator. It’s also a great place to keep snacks fresh on game day.

Personal Decor

The decor of a man cave should be a direct reflection of your personality. It’s a place to display your favorite collections, sports team memorabilia, hobbies, and those “treasured” items your spouse asked you to throw out years ago. The best part about a man cave is that it’s your own domain so there’s no wrong way to decorate it, just as long as it’s how you want.

Now that you’ve got a hit list for your man cave, go find room in the basement, build a shed in the yard, or even empty the garage and get started on your ultimate getaway – and don’t forget to call Century Stereo for your electronics and even AV furniture and seating. Our seasoned experts listen to your idea, lifestyle, and budget and make recommendations that fit your application perfectly.

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