Introducing Focal Headphones at Century Stereo

Nothing comes between you and your music. That’s why we’ve brought some of the best portable audio gear in the world to you. Now available at Century Stereo, Focal Utopia and Elear headphones (priced at $3999 and $999 respectively) are the reference high fidelity headphones in each of their price brackets.

Focal is well-known for its products in the high performance speaker category, but the brand also nails it when it comes to personal audio. Designed for true audiophiles with luxury at every corner, these headphones not only exceed performance expectations, but they’re incredibly sexy as well.

Both Focal Utopia and Elear headphones are now available at Century Stereo for demo and purchase. Come in today to demo these hot cans! And if you’ve got an ear for personal audio… stay tuned because Century Stereo has more announcements and big things coming your way in 2017.

Focal Utopia

The look:

A little bling and a whole lot of badass. The predominantly black design made with fine materials make these headphones feel every bit as luxurious as they sound. The Utopias feature a lambskin leather headband, Beryllium drivers, carbon fiber yokes. A more detailed look inside the cans reveal a uniquely light and stiff driver, whose design driven by the shape of its dome.

The sound:

Even before EQ, the Utopia boasts clarity, detail, fullness, and brightness. Some listeners might find these headphones a bit understated on the low end, however, many audiophiles consider this a strength.

Best for:

Serious listeners who have an appreciation for luxury, plus the gear to back it up. While these headphones are sure to sound amazing with most listening applications, they can only be truly complemented by true high resolution audio sources. This can be said of practically any high quality headphone or speaker.

Want to read more about Focal Utopia? Check out Tyll Hertsens’ detailed review over at Inner Fidelity here.


Focal Elear

The look:

Elear keeps with Focal’s tendency toward a masculine, bold look. Black and gray styling combined with a leather headband, anodized aluminum yokes, and microfiber headband pad and ear pads make these headphones sleek and stylish with a touch of “check me out.”

The sound:

Excellent overall tonal balance, tight and punchy bass, and good dynamic range.  

Best for:

Budding audiophiles who are budget-minded but are ready to step their can game up to what is arguably the best sounding set of headphones in its price range.

Another detailed review from Tyll Hertsens on the Elear can be read here.

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