McIntosh Home Theater TradeUP Program

mcintosh_ht_tradeup_350x350_dealerMcIntosh products are not only known for their longevity, but their desirability also remains high for generations as evidenced by the astounding resale value of numerous models that have become sought-after collectibles. Normally this level of durability is a great thing – except in the case of home theater and digital music products which are full of fast and ever-changing technologies.

Over the last two decades, thousands of McIntosh home theater and digital music products have been sold. We recognize that many owners of these products would love to upgrade to our current models but don’t know what to do with their older-generation units that may not command the same resale value as our other two-channel products. Now is your chance to bring in your old unit, working or not, and upgrade to a newer one!


McIntosh has announced its first ever Home Theater TradeUP Program, where McIntosh equipment owners can bring in their old McIntosh home theater gear and be eligible for steep discounts on the newer versions of their products. This promotion is valid from November 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 with participating authorized McIntosh dealers only.


While this program is similar to McIntosh’s Two-Channel TradeUP program, there are some key differences. This program is limited to the following McIntosh home theater processors, receivers, DVD players, and music servers.


Processors: MX119, MX120, MX130, MX132, MX134, MX135, MX136

Receivers: MHT100, MHT200

DVD Players: MVP831, MVP841, MVP851,  MVP861, MVP871

Music Servers: MS300, MS750


If you have any of the equipment above and feel that you’re ready for an upgrade, give us a call at 408-341-1950 or come into the showroom to discuss this TradeUP program with your favorite consultant and learn more about what your upgrade options are.

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