Integra Trade-Up Program – Get $200 when you upgrade to Integra DRX!

Integra trade-up-02Curious about Integra’s new DRX series AV receivers? Thinking of stepping your home theater game up with IR inputs and outputs, 12-volt triggers, RS-232 ports, IP compatibility, and more?


You may be eligible to trade in your existing Integra unit to upgrade! For a limited time, customers who own DTR series Integra receivers will receive a $200 rebate when they bring in their old unit and purchase a new DRX series receiver.


The best part about this program is that in addition to getting better-equipped gear in your home, you will receive a $200 rebate when you trade in your older unit.


The details:

  • DTR-20.3, DTR-20.4, DTR-30.2, DTR-30.3, and DTR-30.4 owners can trade-up to Integra’s new DRX-3 receiver and get the $200 rebate
  • DTR-40.4, DTR-40.3, and DTR-40.4 owners can trade-up to Integra’s new DRX-4 receiver and get the $200 rebate.


Call or come into our showroom to upgrade and get some extra coin in your pocket today!

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